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The Big Horns

Sheridan, Wy- If you're looking for a trip west, the Big Horns are the closest mountain range to the upper Midwest or if you're simply looking for new terrain to ride, they offer steep, deep, technical playgrounds with notoriously bottomless dry powder. There's great people, great food, great bars, and great hospitality in the foothills of Sheridan County. Find out more about the area below!


Why Choose Us?

We offer a high quality experience at an extremely competitive rate. Friendly, experienced, and skilled guides will lead you on a journey in the beautiful and technical terrain of the Bighorn National Forest. Your safety is our number one concern and we will do whatever it takes to make your experience comfortable yet adventurous at the same time. Whether you're looking the technical tight tree riding of Black Mountain or the steep creek drainages of Bone Springs, we know how to best suit you.